Featured Speakers

avatar for Barbara Fister

Barbara Fister

Project Information Literacy
avatar for Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim

Misson Driven
Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Advisor


avatar for Christopher Spalding

Christopher Spalding

VP, Product

Maureen Adams

SAGE Publishing
avatar for Lisa Ancelet

Lisa Ancelet

Texas State University
avatar for Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

Library & Information Resources Network
President & CEO
avatar for Luwis Andradi

Luwis Andradi

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Collection Management GA
avatar for Rachel Arkoosh

Rachel Arkoosh

Pacific University
Collections Librarian

Jens Arneson

Eastern Kentucky University
Online Resources Librarian
avatar for Katy Aronoff

Katy Aronoff

Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
Senior Director of Solutions Architecture
avatar for David Arredondo

David Arredondo

University of Nebraska at Kearney
Collections Librarian
avatar for Mary Aycock

Mary Aycock

Texas State University
Metadata and Database Coordinator
avatar for Tina Baich

Tina Baich

IUPUI University Library
Senior Associate Dean
avatar for Whitney Bates-Gomez

Whitney Bates-Gomez

Georgia State University
Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian
avatar for Jennifer Bazeley

Jennifer Bazeley

Yale University
E-Resources Metadata Management Librarian
avatar for Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Baylor University
Director of Data & Digital Scholarship
avatar for Eugenia Beh

Eugenia Beh

MIT Libraries
Scholarly Communications and Licensing Librarian
avatar for Christina Beis

Christina Beis

University of Dayton
Director of Collections Strategies & Services
avatar for Molly Beisler

Molly Beisler

University of Nevada, Reno
Director of Collections & Discovery
avatar for Melissa Belvadi

Melissa Belvadi

Robertson Library
Collections & User Experience Librarian
avatar for Scott Bernier

Scott Bernier

EBSCO Information Services
Vice President, Library Relations

Rachel Besara

Missouri State University
Associate Dean of Libraries
avatar for David Boudinot

David Boudinot

University of Victoria Libraries
Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian

Heather Bowden

University of Colorado Boulder

Steven Bowers

Wayne State University Library System
avatar for Amy Braun

Amy Braun

Gale, A Cengage Company
Director, Product Management
avatar for Ann-Marie Breaux

Ann-Marie Breaux

VP, Workflow Management Services, FOLIO

Sarah Brennan

Lead Product Manager
avatar for Kelsey Brett

Kelsey Brett

University of Colorado Denver
Discovery Systems & Metadata Department Head
avatar for Jennifer Everson Brown

Jennifer Everson Brown

University of Denver
Electronic Resources Access & Discovery Manager
avatar for Tina Buck

Tina Buck

University of Central Florida
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Tim Bucknall

Tim Bucknall

UNC Greensboro
Assistant Dean of Libraries
avatar for Rosalind Bucy

Rosalind Bucy

University of Nevada, Reno
Research & Instruction Librarian
avatar for Shannon Burke

Shannon Burke

Texas A&M University Libraries
Coordinator of Acquisitions

Melissa Cantrell

University of Colorado Boulder
Scholarly Communication Librarian

Emily Carlisle

avatar for Sunshine Carter

Sunshine Carter

University of Minnesota Libraries
Director, Collection Strategy & eRes Management
avatar for Robert Cartolano

Robert Cartolano

Columbia University Libraries
Associate VP for Technology and Preservation
avatar for Eleni Castro

Eleni Castro

Boston University Libraries
Director of Digital Ventures

Faber Castro

NYU Health Sciences Library
avatar for Adam Chesler

Adam Chesler

AIP Publishing
Director, Global Sales
avatar for Galadriel Chilton

Galadriel Chilton

Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation
Director of Collections Initiatives
avatar for Nichole Chisholm

Nichole Chisholm

University of Minnesota Duluth
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Faye Christenberry

Faye Christenberry

University of Washington
Collection Strategy & Licensing Librarian
avatar for Rachael Cohen

Rachael Cohen

Indiana University
Discovery Systems Librarian
avatar for Harold Colson

Harold Colson

UC San Diego
eBooks Strategist, US History Librarian, International Relations...
avatar for Dave Comeaux

Dave Comeaux

Louisiana State University
Systems & Discovery Librarian
avatar for Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox

Product Manager, Author Services
avatar for Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

University of North Texas Libraries
Head of Collection Development
avatar for Kerry Creelman

Kerry Creelman

University of Houston Libraries
Head of Collections Strategies & Services
avatar for Carrie Curie

Carrie Curie

Support and Training Librarian
avatar for Lea Currie

Lea Currie

University of Kansas Libraries
Head of Content Development
avatar for Jeremy Cusker

Jeremy Cusker

Cornell University

Alice Daugherty

The University of Alabama
Coordinator of Acquisitions & Electronic Resources
avatar for Susan Davis

Susan Davis

University at Buffalo
Acquisitions Librarian for Continuing Resources and Licensing...
avatar for Dana DeFebbo

Dana DeFebbo

University of Texas at Austin Law
Emerging Technologies Librarian

Nora Dethloff

University of Houston Libraries
Head of Research Materials Procurement
avatar for Nuala Dundon

Nuala Dundon

Westminster Public Library
Digital Services Librarian
avatar for Leslie Eager

Leslie Eager

Project Euclid
Director of Publishing Services
avatar for Teagan Eastman

Teagan Eastman

Utah State University
Online Learning Librarian
avatar for James English

James English

Palace Project Director of Business Development
avatar for Ashleigh Faith

Ashleigh Faith

EBSCO Information Services
Director, Content Enrichment & Data Visualization
avatar for Suzanne Fayle

Suzanne Fayle

Roseman University of Health Sciences
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Patricia Feeney

Patricia Feeney

Head of Metadata
avatar for John Felts

John Felts

Coastal Carolina University
Head of Information Technology and Collections

Gregory Ferguson

New York University Libraries
Head of Resource Management
avatar for Erin Finnerty

Erin Finnerty

Temple University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Sarah Forzetting

Stanford Libraries
Assoc. Director, Acquisitions

Vanessa French

Butler University Libraries
Collections Strategy Librarian
avatar for Matt Frizzell

Matt Frizzell

Georgia Tech
Assessment Librarian
avatar for Amy Fry

Amy Fry

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
E-Resources Management Librarian
avatar for Tiffany Garrett

Tiffany Garrett

Roseman University of Health Sciences
Director of Library Services

Lynn E. Gates

Kraemer Family Library
Director of Collections and Content

Robyn Gleasner

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library
Resource Management Librarian
avatar for Monika Glowacka-Musial

Monika Glowacka-Musial

New Mexico State University Library
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Katie Gohn

Katie Gohn

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Head, Collection Services
avatar for Melissa Gomis

Melissa Gomis

Doane University
University Librarian
avatar for Gloria González-López

Gloria González-López

University of Texas, Austin
Professor of Sociology
avatar for Lauren Goodley

Lauren Goodley

Texas State University
avatar for Elyssa Gould

Elyssa Gould

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Head, Acquisitions & Continuing Resources
avatar for Tejs Grevstad

Tejs Grevstad

avatar for Nat Gustafson-Sundell

Nat Gustafson-Sundell

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Collections Librarian
avatar for Leah Hamrick, MLS

Leah Hamrick, MLS

Texas Christian University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Brian Han

NYU Health Sciences Library
avatar for Karen Harker

Karen Harker

University of North Texas
avatar for Caitlin Harrington

Caitlin Harrington

University of Memphis
Head of Information Access Services,Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Jessica Hartwigsen

Jessica Hartwigsen

California State University Chancellor’s Office
Electronic Resources Manager
avatar for Leila Heath

Leila Heath

Director of Library Resources and Programs
avatar for Robert Heaton

Robert Heaton

Utah State University
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for Tiffany Henry

Tiffany Henry

UNC Greensboro
Discovery Cataloger

Christopher Hergert

University of North Texas
Collections Data Analyst
avatar for Stephanie Hess

Stephanie Hess

Binghamton University Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Bruce Heterick

Bruce Heterick

SVP, Open Collections & Infrastructure
avatar for Athena Hoeppner

Athena Hoeppner

University of Central Florida
Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Robin Hofstetter

Robin Hofstetter

SWAN Library Services
Consultant, Electronic Resources
avatar for Margaret Hogarth

Margaret Hogarth

The Claremont Colleges Library
Electronic Resources & Licensing Librarian
avatar for Bob Holzmann

Bob Holzmann

Tulsa Community College
Systems & Digital Technologies Librarian
avatar for Qi Huang

Qi Huang

The Harker School
Electronic Resources Librarian

Kylene Hutchinson

Brown University
Senior Library Specialist - Metadata
avatar for Nha Huynh

Nha Huynh

Texas Medical Center Library
Systems Librarian

Stanley Huzarewicz

University of Connecticut
Library Staff
avatar for Clarke Iakovakis

Clarke Iakovakis

Oklahoma State University
Scholarly Services Librarian
avatar for Matthew J. Jabaily

Matthew J. Jabaily

Kraemer Family Library
Asst Prof/Electronic Serials
avatar for Ben Jahre

Ben Jahre

Lafayette College
Head of Electronic Resources
avatar for Dom Jebbia

Dom Jebbia

Carnegie Mellon University
Digital Collections Associate
avatar for Kyla Jemison

Kyla Jemison

University of Toronto Libraries
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Nels Rune Jensen

Nels Rune Jensen

avatar for Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Nevada State University Library
User Experience Librarian

Lynne Jones

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Electronic & Continuing Resources Librarian

Whitney Jordan

Western Carolina University
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Eva Jurczyk

Eva Jurczyk

University of Toronto
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Rebecca Kasperavicius

Rebecca Kasperavicius

Nipissing University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Clare Keating

Clare Keating

University of Toledo
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Joanna Keel

Joanna Keel

Product Marketing Manager

Robert Kelshian

American University Library
Director of Access Services
avatar for Louise Kidder

Louise Kidder

UT Medical Branch
Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Nathaniel King

Nathaniel King

Nevada State College
Dean of the Library

Amy Kirchhoff

Sr. Mgr, Constellate
avatar for Kess Knight

Kess Knight

Marketing Manager
avatar for Nettie Lagace

Nettie Lagace

NISO - National Information Standards Organization
Associate Executive Director

Ian Lamb

NYU Langone Health

Victor Lao

Springer Nature
Director, Institutional Sales
avatar for Tanya Laplante

Tanya Laplante

Oxford University Press
Head of Digital Strategic Analysis
avatar for Catherine Larson

Catherine Larson

NYU Health Sciences Library
Assistant Director, Systems & Technology
avatar for Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

Utah State University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Marcia Lee

Marcia Lee

Grand Valley State University
eResources & Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for John Lenahan

John Lenahan

VP, Published Content
avatar for Hana Levay

Hana Levay

University of Washington
Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Michael Levine-Clark

Michael Levine-Clark

University of Denver
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Kara Kroes Li

Kara Kroes Li

Director of Product Management
avatar for Pat Lienemann

Pat Lienemann

Minnesota State University, Mankato
eAccess & Discovery Librarian

Nancy Linden

University of Houston
Collections Coordinator
avatar for Becky Lisek

Becky Lisek

De Gruyter
Sales America

Jill Locascio

SUNY College of Optometry
Digital and Technical Services Librarian
avatar for Lindsey Lowry

Lindsey Lowry

The University of Alabama
Coordinator of Acquisitions and EResources
avatar for Kelly Lutz

Kelly Lutz

Nevada State College
Systems Librarian
avatar for Hong Ma

Hong Ma

Loyola University, Chicago
Head of Library Systems, Interim Associate Dean for User Services
avatar for Katharine V. Macy

Katharine V. Macy

Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Lacey Mamak

Lacey Mamak

Normandale Community College
Electronic Resources & Instruction Librarian
avatar for Boaz Nadav Manes

Boaz Nadav Manes

Lehigh University
University Librarian
avatar for Stacey Marien

Stacey Marien

American University
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Susan Massey

Susan Massey

Thomas G. Carpenter Library, University of North Florida
Head of Discovery Enhancement
avatar for Jennifer K Matthews

Jennifer K Matthews

Rowan University
Collection Strategy Librarian
avatar for Faye Mazzia

Faye Mazzia

Touro University Nevada
Electronic & Technical Services Librarian
avatar for Courtney McAllister

Courtney McAllister

Library Services Engineer
avatar for Peter McCracken

Peter McCracken

Cornell University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald

University of Colorado, Boulder
Dean of University Libraries/SVP Online Education
avatar for Matt McDowall

Matt McDowall

Calvin T Ryan Library
Systems Manager

Karen McElfresh

Rice University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Ryan McNally

Ryan McNally

Northeastern University
E-Resource Technology Coordinator

Erika McNeil

Head of Interlibrary Services

Ann Medaille

University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
Director of Research and Instructional Services

Wim Meester

Head of Product Management

Jia Mi

The College of New Jersey
Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian

Willie Miller

IUPUI University Library
Associate Dean for Communication and Technology
avatar for Erin Johanna DeWitt Miller, MLIS

Erin Johanna DeWitt Miller, MLIS

University of North Texas
Head, Media Library
avatar for Cindy Minor

Cindy Minor

Elsevier - Library Connect
Managing Editor
avatar for Amanda Moeller

Amanda Moeller

UW-River Falls, Chalmer Davee Library
Electronic Resources and Systems Librarian
avatar for Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales

University of Notre Dame
Head, Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions
avatar for Dianna Morganti

Dianna Morganti

Texas State University
Research, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian

Dana Moshkovits

Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
Director of Product Mgmt
avatar for Whitney Murphy

Whitney Murphy

Senior Manager, Strategy & Market Support
avatar for Kanu A. Nagra, Ph.D

Kanu A. Nagra, Ph.D

Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
Associate Professor and E-resources Librarian

Heidi Nance

Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation

Leanne Nay

Indiana University
Digital Engagement Librarian

Trina Nolen

Lamar University
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Kelsey Nunez

Kelsey Nunez

Yoga Instructor
avatar for Jared Oates

Jared Oates

Niche Academy
avatar for Yumi Ohira

Yumi Ohira

University of Texas at Arlington Library
Digital Publishing and Repository Librarian
avatar for Danielle Ostendorf

Danielle Ostendorf

Univ. of Colorado Anschutz
E-resources Librarian
avatar for Nimesh D Oza, PhD, M.Phil., MLISc

Nimesh D Oza, PhD, M.Phil., MLISc

Sardar Patel University, V V Nagar
avatar for Russell Palmer

Russell Palmer

Assistant Director
avatar for James Pape

James Pape

University of Mary Washington
Access Services & Outreach Librarian
avatar for Sara Parmhed

Sara Parmhed

Sodertorn University Library
avatar for Vicki Parsons

Vicki Parsons

Kaufman Library -Georgia Gwinnett College
Associate Dean of the Library
avatar for Parvathi 'Bobbi' Patham

Parvathi 'Bobbi' Patham

Springer Nature
Manager, Discovery & Discovery Services
avatar for Mike Paxton

Mike Paxton

IUPUI University Library
Resource Sharing Librarian
avatar for Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson

Amigos Library Services
Engagement & Emerging Technologies Coordinator
avatar for Ken Peterson

Ken Peterson

Dartmouth College
Assoc. Lib. for Access & Collection Strategies
avatar for Josh Petrusa

Josh Petrusa

Butler University
Assoc. Dean for Collections & Digital Services
avatar for Caitlin Pike

Caitlin Pike

Research Engagement Coordinator

Mihai Popa

Muse Knowledge

Aurelian Popescu

Muse Knowledge
Managing Director
avatar for Keri Prelitz

Keri Prelitz

California State University Fullerton
Collection Development and Management Librarian
avatar for Amanda N. Price

Amanda N. Price

Texas State University
Monographic Aquistions Librarian
avatar for Erik Radio

Erik Radio

University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Matthew Ragucci

Matthew Ragucci

Associate Product Marketing Director
avatar for Angela Rathmel

Angela Rathmel

University of Kansas Libraries
Head of Acquisitions & Resource Sharing

Emily J. Ray

University of North Florida
E Resource Librarian

Jason Reed

Purdue University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Charlie Remy

Charlie Remy

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian

Kaci Resau

Washington & Lee University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

University of Connecticut
Collections Strategist
avatar for Joanne Romano

Joanne Romano

Texas Medical Center Library
Head of Resource Management/Discovery Services
avatar for Patrick Roth

Patrick Roth

Grand Valley State University
Department Head, Systems and Discovery
avatar for Sara Rotjan

Sara Rotjan

AIP Publishing
Assistant Marketing Director

Nick Ruhs

Florida State University
Research Data Management Librarian
avatar for Saurabh Karsanbhai Prajapati, M.L.I.Sc., PhD Running

Saurabh Karsanbhai Prajapati, M.L.I.Sc., PhD Running

Institute of Rural Management Anand
Deputy Librarian
avatar for Evan Rusch

Evan Rusch

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Reference Librarian
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